Suzy Soussou

A bit more about me...

After years of working a normal 9-5 job it was time for a change. I wanted to have the autonomy provided by owning a business while doing something I was passionate about. Since I loved arranging travel for my family and friends (and traveling extensively myself) and have experience in the hospitality industry, starting my own travel agency was the natural next step. 

I started Lavish Experience Travel Agency with the aim of bringing back the personal touch in travel while arranging a hassle-free travel experience. I hope you have a wonderful travel experience that exceeds all your expectations!

My Travel Adventures

I traveled to a lot of places prior to starting Lavish Experience Travel. I have visited countries in the middle east like Lebanon and Jordan. I have also made it a point to visit one European country every year. So far I have visited France, England, Austria, Germany, Netherlands to name a few. I still have more countries on my bucket list!

About Us



I decided to launch my travel agency in order to help people plan and book their dream vacations. My aim is to bring back personal touches to travel planning and provide outstanding service to my customers.


My Services

Whether you're looking for a cruises, plane fares, accommodations, or the whole package, I have you covered! Simply tell me your destination and I will take over. I will diligently work with reputable companies to get you the best deals.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction with my services is my top priority.  I guarantee a gratifying customer experience, quick turnaround, and above all, unforgettable experiences while you're on vacation!

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